jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


-blond/got/ brother/has/My/hair
-short/My /grey/hair/grandfather´s/got.

The time

It is one o´clock.
It is half past three.
It is a quarter past three.
It is a quarter to five.

Escribe ahora tú: Son las cinco en punto . Son las diez y media. Son las doce menos cuarto. Son las cinco y cuarto. En inglés...

AB Page 55 Ex 7
1A: Where´s the CINEMA?
  B: Go along Cambridge Road. It´s on the right.
2 A: Where´s the museum?
   b: GO along Bohemian Road . Go RIGHT. It´s on the RIGHT, opposite the SPORTS CENTRE.
3 A: Where´s the castle?
   b: GO aong Cambridge Road. GO RIGHT on the White Rock Gardens. GO along White Rock Gardens. It´s ON the LEFT.

AB Page 55 Ex 8

Why don´t we go TO THE PIZZA PLACE? 
No, thanks. It is very expensive.
Why don´t we go to the cinema?.
Yeah. It is funny.Why don´t we go to the bolley alley?
No thanks. It is expensive.supermarket?
Yes. I like it!
Why don´t we go to the swimming pool?
No, thanks. it is expensive.

My favourite place is the park. It´s on Baker Street.It is next to the Fifth Avenue. I go there with my friend 
Why don´t we go to the

No thanks. It is boring.

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